Industry first* “REAL SOUND SYSTEM”-equipped Headphones

The newly developed Stream Woofer DB (Double Bass Reflex) featured in the SZ series applies the Kelton speaker design method to the structure of the dedicated bass unit. The combination of this innovative bass unit design and the specially tuned mid-to-high unit with a carbon nanotube diaphragm reproduce the full audio range from realistic bass sound with presence to delicately nuanced mid-to-high frequencies - all with amazing fidelity. Delivering an audio experience like never experienced before, the SZ series headphones with Real Sound System featuring this “industry first”* acoustical architecture let you hear and enjoy every note of your music.

HA-SZ1000 HA-SZ2000


Defying headphone convention, Real Sound System applied speaker technologies and incorporated two separate units for the low and high range to deliver both deep bass and the mid-to-high audio range with exquisite resolution. Acclaimed for rich realistic reproduction and audio presence, JVC’s Real Sound System now makes an evolutionary leap in performance. The SZ series is the very first around ear headphones to feature a bass unit with the newly developed Stream Woofer DB (Double Bass Reflex) system and a mid-to-high unit featuring a specially tuned carbon nanotube diaphragm. JVC’s ceaseless pursuit of audio purity and vast technological expertise combine to bring you a totally new experience in audio enjoyment.

Stream Woofer DB (Double Bass Reflex)

The bass unit boasts a large 55mm carbon diaphragm. Adoption of the Kelton speaker design method and the double bass reflex architecture featuring two acoustic chambers enables bass reproduction with unprecedented realism and depth.

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Dual Stream Duct

Sufficient duct cross sectional area is essential to extract high quality, rich bass. JVC’s solution was to channel the sound through two acoustic chambers and two stream ducts to extract only the bass range components. The result is clear bass with profound presence from compact headphones.

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Mid-to-High Unit

Featuring a carbon nanotube diaphragm, the mid-to-high driver unit is specially tuned for optimum middle and high range reproduction to perfectly balance the deep bass produced by the dedicated woofer unit and deliver crisp sound with exceptional resolution.

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Highly Rigid Unit Base

Minimizing undesirable vibration and enhancing the clarity of bass quality, the highly rigid unit base is made of a material that inhibits vibration. The HA-SZ2000 adopts the highly rigid unit base and a special brass “vibration inhibiting” cylinder to further enhance reproduction of the entire audio range.

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OFC Cables

HA-SZ1000 features oxygen-free copper (OFC) cables for clear transmission of the rich deep bass sound. The premium HA-SZ2000 comes with silver coated OFC cables for enhanced prevention of transmission signal loss and improved audio resolution across the entire acoustic range.

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Simple yet bold and contemporary design always in tune with the times! Different color rings on the ring hanger part distinctively and attractively identify each of the two models. The ear pads of the HA-SZ1000 cup your ears with low resilience cushioning comfort. The matte finish on upper part of the housing elegantly completes the high-quality styling. In addition to the low-resilience cushons, the HA-SZ2000 features Protein Leather ear pads. Mesh material is used for the head pad for many hours of comfortable listening pleasure. Often gracing the bodies of high-end SLR cameras, the “hammered metal” finish of the premium HA-SZ2000 multiplies the look and feel of quality.


HA-SZ1000 HA-SZ2000
Acoustic structure Industry first* The “Real Sound System” delivering both the realistic deep bass sound as well as the mid to high sounds with high degree of resolutions.
Basic structure Industry first* Stream Woofer DB (Double Bass Reflex)
Deep bass sound unit (woofer section) A driver unit with a large diameter of 55 mm, incorporating a carbon diaphragm.
Woofer section unit base material Highly rigid vibration inhibiting mold.
Woofer section additional vibration inhibiting structure Vibration inhibiting material Vibration inhibiting cylinder made of brass
Mid to high range unit A driver unit of 30 mm diameter, incorporating carbon nanotube diaphragm.
Ear pads Low resilience cushions Low resilience cushions & Protein LeatherTM.
Head pad Synthetic leather Synthetic leather & mesh
Type Dynamic type
Magnet Neodymium
Frequency Response 5-28,000Hz 4-29,000Hz
Max. Input Capability 1,500mW(IEC**IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) standards
Cord Length 3.94ft (1.2m)
Weight (without cord) 16.05oz (455g) 17.10oz (485g)
Plug iPhone compatible, Gold Plated
Accessory Carrying pouch

* Launched on May 21, 2013 as dynamic headband-type headphones according to JVC Kenwood research.

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