Industry first* Listen to the musical truth

Industry first* Inner ear headphone with built-in Stream Woofer!

Inspired by loudspeaker technology, the innovative Stream Woofer concept reproduces realistic deep bass sound while the specially tuned Twin System Unit achieves exquisite high resolution in the mid-to-high frequencies. This new 2+1 technology is igniting a revolution in headphone audio quality.



Industry first* JVC Technology debuts an audio experience like never before.

JVC’s unique Real Sound System innovatively integrates a woofer in an inner ear headphone. This breakthrough concept lets you enjoy both realistic bass sound and high-resolution mids and highs. The secret is the amazing combination of the Twin System Unit specially tuned for the FXZ series and the newly developed Stream Woofer. The effortless expression of the mid and high range produced by the Twin System Unit and the rich depths of bass realism pumped to your ears by the Stream Woofer together achieve the unprecedented feat of uncompromising sound quality across the entire sound range for an audio experience like never before.

Industry first* Revolutionary Stream Woofer

Marking another industry first*, JVC has integrated its newly developed Stream Woofer in a new lineup of inner ear headphones. Applying the Kelton speaker design method for superior deep bass reproduction, the Stream Woofer features an acoustic structure formed by housing the woofer unit in the brass unit base and connecting it to the long and thin stream duct.
By channeling the woofer unit output through the stream duct, any sound in the range of 100Hz and higher is effectively damped, successfully extracting only the pure bass components. The result is deep and realistic bass sound with little impact on the mid to high acoustic ranges.

Twin System Unit Featuring Two Drivers for Audio Depth and Presence

The depth and realistic presence of the Twin System Unit is produced by two drivers specially tuned to optimally drive the mid and high acoustic range characteristics and integrated in parallel in the metal unit base.
These two driver units respectively feature a carbon nanotube diaphragm and a carbon diaphragm. Free from mutual interference, the rich mids and crisp highs produced by the Twin System Unit and the deep realistic bass delivered by the Stream Woofer come together and create a phenomenal “live” audio experience.

Carbon Nanotube Diaphragms for High Definition Sound Reproduction

Unlike conventional carbon, the crystalline structure of carbon nanotubes not only is extremely strong, but also has a high natural frequency that gives it the super fast response ideal for accurate expression of even the most delicate sounds. In the FXZ series, the Twin System Unit has two drivers: one with a carbon nanotube diaphragm and the other with a carbon diaphragm. These diaphragms are one of the keys to the reproduction of mid to high range that optimally complement the realistic bass sound delivered by the newly developed Stream Woofer.

Unit Base and Silver Coated OFC Cables for Superior Audio Quality (HA-FXZ200)

HA-FXZ200 features a brass unit base. The higher specific gravity of brass damps undesirable vibration, resulting in bass reproduction of superior grade and clarity. The OFC cables are coated with pure silver to inhibit transmission loss of the audio signal and reveal every detail of your music with exceptionally high resolution.


The signature form of the FXZ series, the industry’s first inner ear headphones with a built-in woofer*, is a bold statement of the realistic bass performance that puts it in a class all its own. The gold ring (FXZ200) or silver ring (FXZ100) adds an elegant accent to the housing of the woofer unit base.
The transparent housing reveals the three built-in drivers. The color design of the woofer units - red for right and blue for left for easy identification – is just one example of the attention paid to maximizing usability and quality in every detail.


Driver Unit 5.8mm×2+8.8mm
Magnet Neodymium
Frequency Response 6-26,000Hz 5-26,000Hz
Max. Input Capability 150mW(IEC**IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) standards
Cord Length 3.94ft (1.2m)
Weight (without cord) 0.35z (10g) 0.39oz (11g)
Plug iPhone compatible, Gold Plated
Accessory Carrying Case, S/M/L silicone earpieces, Cord Keeper, Clip

* Launched in November 2012, these dynamic-type inner ear headphones that use the Kelton speaker design method were the first of this type in the industry according to JVC Kenwood research.

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